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The National American Parkinson's Disease Association is represented in Nebraska by two entities. While the Information and Referral Center is the service arm of the national APDA, the Chapter is the fundraising and awareness arm. The two entities function as a partnership in providing Nebraska with resources, education and research opportunities.

The APDA Nebraska Chapter

The primary goal of the American Parkinson's Disease Association (APDA) Nebraska Chapter is to raise support for ongoing Parkinson's research, educational programs, and resources for Nebraska as well as the nation. The Annual Walk-a-thon is just one of the events sponsored by the Chapter. The proceeds from that event go to furthering research to aid in finding a cure for the disease.

The Nebraska Chapter is grateful for the many generous donations received from the community. These contributions are used in Nebraska for educational and supportive services and across the nation for Parkinson's research. Please go to the Get Involved and Donate tabs for more information on volunteer opportunities and donating. 

The APDA Information & Referral Center of Nebraska

The American Parkinson's Disease Association (APDA) Information and Referral (I&R) Center of Nebraska is the only educational resource center in the state that focuses entirely on Parkinson's disease. The I&R Center provides five services in assisting the Parkinson's community throughout Nebraska. These services include education, support group sponsorship, information and resource provision, referral assistance and awareness.

The Parkinson's Empowerment Program includes five teleconferences broadcast to 15 Nebraska locations, two major symposiums presented by medical experts and educational sessions for the newly diagnosed patient. The I&R Center assists 24 support groups in Nebraska that allow people within the Parkinson's community to socialize, learn about the disease, and find support. The center also offers resources and referrals to aid Parkinson's patients in their journey to maintain an optimal quality life while living with a chronic disease. Please explore all the options that are available to you through the Web site.





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