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The director later talked about the actor: All the same, his career seems to have become a nomadic drifting round the studios looking for the right kind of film. He says after two films with Cukor "I never needed direction again.

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I never seemed to get past master sergeant, though I always thought of myself as upper echelon. A profile in Movie Morlocks analysed Ray's appeal from the film Nightfall: I'm not scared of dying--it's how I die that matters.

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They perform like professionals. This was no carefully edited, tricked out performance, but a strikingly sincere and imaginative interpretation: He was interested in returning to politics but not until he had made "at least" four more movies.


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You take someone like Aldo Ray who was just picked up and catapulted into stardom, and then he was just a sponge for booze. I wanted, I guess, to see what it was all about--a kind of half-assed adventure, you know? He returned to Crockett in

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