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To keep both partners physically aroused and interested after the initial excitement, you need that electricity. If you've sent the right messages, she should already have the idea that this is casual.

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Maybe the guys who brag about how long they last are lying, and if they don't have all of the above ingredients, it's guaranteed that they are. Ease up on the petting or things might backfire Make the encounter date-like too many times and you'll send "boyfriend" vibes.

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At this point, your going straight for the booty will start to make sense to her, and she won't be offended and think you're treating her like a piece of meat. Have you heard guys recount stories of marathon rounds of sex; bedroom romps lasting two, three or even six hours? Fresh ideas will ensure that no one gets bored. After two dates involving sex with a woman who wants a third, you'll have a good sexual track record with her.

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Story Time I recently called up Janice for a second date. It's a strenuous activity that works those abs and arms. Set The Tone For the first two rendezvous at least, treat a booty call like an actual date. Fit sex is incomparably better.

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If you've sent the right messages, she should already have the idea that this is casual. As we had already "known" each other in the biblical sense , the rapport between us was easy enough to reestablish, and I did just that through sexual jokes and innuendoes about the food, casual touching, and general joking to keep the mood light. On the other hand, if you treat her like a booty call too soon, she'll treat you like a creep. For our second date, as the weather forecast was good, I suggested we take a stroll downtown and grab a bite to eat at a well-known dumpling stand in the East Village.

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