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Gay oi. Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi

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As a rule of thumb, if it has been posted elsewhere, it's probably been posted here already. Reading this story reminds me of how complicated the punk subcultures of the 's were and my heart aches thinking about that era and what everyone went through.

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Left activists always get way more punishment than right ones, because the legal system and the police are far closer to the right. It's only a moral tale in a very large sense, in that it shows that short, wasted lives are a product of racism and homophobia. If a post has graphic content, flair it as NSFW, else it will be removed!

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Know the difference or get banned! Breaking this rule may result in a permanent ban. Pride, which is in many respects a superb period piece about a different aspect of being gay in those troubled times, was a bit cloying and Brit Rom-Com-By-The-Numbers for my taste. I do think that's it's easy for people to get fascinated by bad, troubled, good-looking young men in a way that obscures their victims.

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It's just a horrible story because it's terrible to think that a human life could be so brutal, cruel and empty, that there couldn't be any more to a person. People seem to either completely not know, or have forgotten, that the initial music of the skinhead movement was Reggae - these were the english working class kids who hung out with the jamaican kids, listened to their music, and were comparatively less racist for their time. I guess I worry that figures like Nicky Crane attract much more interest and sympathy than their many, many victims.

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