The reason why many have failed to invest smartly in their venture or have given up even before they reaped the results is mainly because they pick and ride the wrong horse. The horse which is not suitable for you! What does that mean?

There are so many financial instruments or business opportunities out there, the newer ones and the highly publicized are internet marketing, forex trading or network marketing.

Taking these 3 examples, you can’t invest in all of them. You simply don’t have the time and resources to do so, especially if you are not full time into it! Managing your daily job together with the constant need to be at the top of your investing can be very stressful for a long run. At the end, you may not able to do well in any of them.

From these 3, you have to pick one to focus and pursue with all your heart. Evaluate your strengths and passions, which of the three areas do you have the best knowledge and competitive edge? Which of the three you will have the least learning curve?

Learn to Invest Smartly and Find Your Talent in Relevant area

When you first started, you are excited and your energy level is above the red dotted line. But as you progress and reality kicks in, you realize that learning and mastering new skill is not as easy as you have thought earlier, and the progression become slower, perhaps regress quite a bit down the red dotted line.

New skill is harder to master, thus you might find yourself discouraged and lose the motivation. This is a trying (challenging) time – you either make or break it!

However, if you persist, you might pick up the skill, and you accomplish something, and your motivation is up again. Once you master the skill, there is no turn back and your graph pushing upward.

The depth of the Point A to the red dotted line represents the degree of “tough” learning. A person who has a talent/strength in acquiring the new skillset may pick up easier than a person who doesn’t have the talent. Passion sustains the person who struggling to pick up the new skillset.

Thus, we can see that a person who has natural talents/strengths in this area will probably be better off than those who are not. We are not saying that those who are not having such talents in this area should give up, but giving the time/resources pressure, our recommendation is it is better for you to look at your area of strengths and leverage it from there.

A person who has strength/talent in relevant area

  • Pick the skill faster, thus shorten the learning curve
  • Because of the passion, he/she won’t give up so easily when he/she faces issue/challenges (especially in challenging period).

Thus, in a modern and busy world, where everyone has limited resources and times, you need to make your choice. Invest smartly, pick the right horse to be on in order to be successful and maximizing your profits.

Don’t simply follow the fad or crowd; evaluate your strengths to see if you are suitable to pick up the investment/business! There are so many choices out there, there is bound to be one which is best suited you!

Example, if you love computer and can spend hours surfing, but you hate doing data crunching, you may not be suitable for forex. Internet marketing may be a better choice than forex. Or if you neither like data crunching and doesn’t care much about internet, but prefer to meet up with people, maybe network marketing is a better choice. The choice is yours! Invest smartly!