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Many men conclude that their women are not interested in sex or not in some of the ways they wish to pursue sexuality. The key phrase here is "willing partners".

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They fear and doubt their ability to perform adequately and retreat into a world of isolation and sexual fantasy free of issues of performance and shame. Many of the women who have written in have expressed feeling betrayed when they discover their men have looked at pornography.

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To the extent that both men and women can better understand where their partners are coming from with regard to pornography use and shame issues, they will be in a better position to start breaking down their mutual shame feelings and become closer. In one post, a Brisbane man boasted of harassing a woman in the US, after a fellow group member posted a screenshot of her rejecting his advances via text, along with her username on dating site Plenty of Fish [PoF]. Instead, there is awareness that some law or code has been violated in a single instance.

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