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Or it can get gunked up. Sometimes, it doesn't look like there is a penis there at all! Make sure to use several "signs" to confirm the correct sex.

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If it's a male, you should be able to make the penis slowly extrude. Another urges would-be moms to eat a more acidic diet if they want to have a girl. The sows usually have a smooth swelling over their genital area. They then sampled each oviduct 24 hours later.

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If it is a male, you can usually feel the inner part of the shaft which is under the skin in the same area--just above the genitals -- by very gently pressing and rubbing your finger over that area. You should TRY to get the penis to ease out. The vagina is normally closed by a membrane hymen except during estrus heat and at parturition birthing. There are many documented stories of vets missexing guinea pigs.

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