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Video about sex drug disaster and the extinction of dinosaur:

Sex drug disaster and the extinction of dinosaur. A Summary of Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs

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Today I heard on the news that North Korea directly said on their YouTube channel that they have a nuclear missile aimed at the White House. As we learned, a refutation is stating another persons opposing point of view and then giving a rebuttal. Nearly all the marine plankton single-celled floating creatures died with geological suddenness; among marine invertebrates, nearly 15 percent of all families perished, including many previously dominant groups, especially the ammonites relatives of squids in coiled shells.

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A large comet or asteroid struck the earth some 65 million years ago, lofting a cloud of dust into the sky and blocking sunlight, thereby suppressing photosynthesis and so drastically lowering world temperatures that dinosaurs and hosts of other creatures became extinct. Gould then shows how the theory that the extinction of dinosaurs occurred because of a disaster has led to other important findings.

Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs

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It cannot be tested, for how can we know what dinosaurs tasted and what their livers could do? Whatever the eventual outcome I suspect it will be positive , the Alvarez hypothesis is exciting, fruitful science because it generates tests, provides us with things to do, and expands outward.

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If, after much compilation and scrutiny of data, new information continues to affirm a hypothesis, we may accept it provisionally and gain confidence as further evidence mounts. Each of these proposals for the extinction of dinosaurs fascinates people.

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