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Somehow I found folders that had nothing to do with my task at hand, and if you've read anything of mine you know I am a habitual snooper. There were still pictures too, but those pale in comparison to cinema. This time it was in my shiny new, second marriage. Besides spurned love ones, the second biggest source for accidental porn spillage is indiscreet friends on social networks, notes Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist for McAfee.

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My stomach sank into his leather office chair, the chair I felt extra privileged to be sitting in because this was his work space and the children and I never violated this space. He was supportive and nurturing and apologetic throughout the process as I coped with this for a very long time. Skip digital recording and go analog. Because once an insecure snoop always an insecure snoop?

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Because I was still irreparably damaged and convinced all men are lying, cheating pigs and I would always find something? Why is he wearing boxers if he only wears briefs with me? Don't put too much pressure on yourself and just keep being the you your lover fell for.


For another, you were bhy NSA is playing everything you do, host. I couldn't have play fast enough. I got the women out, I dug, I dug second, I am to make for the road.

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He smiled sweetly coming to check my progress, having no idea the shit storm he was walking into. You will always compare each other to the past. What was I doing on his computer when I had my own? Now all a crazy, insecure woman needed was proof that she had no visible scars or stretch marks, that she didn't break out in hives after a bikini wax, and her breasts were perkier without the help of any undergarments.


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My hand was shaking on the mouse, and yet I persisted. The recipient will be asked to provide answers to questions about shared memories only you and your designate would know about. It took months, probably years, I'm still coming to terms with it, but here's what I have learned so far from this experience:

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